Sunday, May 3, 2009

Still stuck at 159

I've been good and I'm still stuck weighing in between 159 and 160. I've seen it as low as 158.6 and as high as 160.8 this week. It's PISSING ME OFF!

Plus the quitting smoking is not going well.


What's wrong with me?


Mervy said...

Nothing's wrong with you. Keep persevering. You're only 10 lbs (+/-) away from your goal. Keep pressing on and you'll see that number soon. I'm with you - keep presevering...

FatGirl said...

It's just so frustrating....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!

Anonymous said...

Quitting smoking sucks. It doesn't help weight loss, though I exercise so much when I'm doing it, and I only allow myself a day or two of comfort eating, or whatever you call it. I usually quit for about two weeks, then bump into some alcohol, and game's over. Next time I quit (another week or two), I won't drink for a month.

I'm trying to get to 150, currently 162. Started ~195, last summer. Slow slow slow. Scale doesn't move for a month, then drops 4 pounds. Up 2 (msg), up 4 (pms), back down the next day, next week. I try not to let it affect me.